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Hilfe es knackt in den Gelenken! Was tun?

1. Joint cracking and popping does not cause increased incidence of arthritis.

2. If you have lax joints, however, you may want to avoid this just in case it may present problems later due to destabilization of the joint and also focus on increasing strength of the muscle/tendons that connect there. This is especially true if you notice the laxity is increasing over time.

3. Clicking without pain is in general fine, especially if it has been there all of the time.

4. Sometimes insidious onset of clicking may devolve into potential problems later on. Correct assessment of posture, biomechanics, mobility and muscle imbalances should be initiated through proper strength, mobility, and soft tissue work.

5. Snapping signifies injury conditions. Like clicking proper care must be undertaken.

Lies: “Cracking and Popping and Clicking – Oh My!”

Autor: Johannes Steinhart, M.Sc. Biomedizin und Ernährungswissenschaften // Trainer, deutsche Fitnesslehrer Vereinigung

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